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H-Immune Tablets


Immunity builder



H-Immune Tablets is a combination of powerful herbs which posses known properties to boost up the immunity. Its prevents the seasonal outbreak of infective diseases and seasonal allergies like Influenza , Typhoid , Malaria , Respiratory Tract Infections and acts as an Immuno-modulator . It offers a powerful anti-oxidant action , works as a detoxifier and rejuvenator which strengthens the body resistance and helps to fight diseases which are persistant in nature . It also provides much needed assistance for early recovery in post operative conditions , Acts as adjuvant to anti-infective therapy and Builds resistance to the effects of free radicals on the body.


Each coated tablet contains:
Triphala Guggal sudh 50mg, Kalmegh 20mg , Trikatu 35mg, Giloi Extract 35mg, Aloevera Extract 20mg, Pippali 30mg, Kachnar Extract 20mg, Manjishtha Extract 25mg, Yashtimadhu 30mg, Tulsi Extract 25mg, Neem Extract 30mg, Karkatshringi Extract 30mg, Chitrakmool Extract 30mg, Daru Haridari Extract 30mg.


Immunity builder, seasonal outbreaks of infective diseases e.g influenza, typhoid or malaria, respiratory tract.


2 Tablets Twice/Thrice daily, or as directed by the Physician.


100 Tablets in Hdpe Jar


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