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Orbiliv Tablets


An ideal therapy for liver dysfunction


Orbiliv Tablets is a Natural Liver Corrective Formula prepared from Ancients Herbs . It offers an ideal therapy in the manifestation of Liver Dysfunction .It is an effective therapy in treating the symptoms related Dyspepsia, Anorexia and pain in the abdomen etc. It tenders beneficial effects in drug induced hepatitis and enlarged or fatty liver . It also rectifies the symptoms related to liver disorder like Loss of apetite , Retarded growth , Malnutrition and Alcohol induced hepatitis .

Kalmegh Extract 60mg, Bhumiamalaki Extract 60mg, Triphla 40mg, Punarnava Extract 30mg, Bhringraj Extract 30mg, Guduchi Extract 35mg , Vivdang 20mg, Katuki 45mg, Kasni Extract 30mg, Sounth 30mg , Daru Haridra Extract 30mg. Indication: Anorexia lack of Appetite, Hepatic insufficiency, Retarded growth, Alcohol induced hepatitis.

2 Tablets Twice/Thrice daily, or as directed by the Physician

100 Tablets in Hdpe Jar


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