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Puri Max–Ds Capsules


Blood purifier



Puri Max-DS capsules contains highly effective natural ingredients that cleans the
skin. It removes the effects of toxins and contaminants on the blood. Puri Max-DS
capsules with its vital blood purifier properties ensures a glowing complexion. It
treats persistent problems of pimples and acne. It also protects the body from
dermal and allergic manifestations.

COMPOSITION : Each capsules contains :
Haldi Ext 40 mg, Chobchini Ext 20 mg, Sonth Ext 30 mg, Dhania Ext 30 mg, Gulab
Phool Ext 40 mg, Kachur Ext 30 mg , Neem Ext 50 mg, Guduchi Ext 30 mg, Vivdang
Ext 30 mg, Chandan Ext 30 mg, Amla Ext 40 mg , Harar Ext 20 mg , Bahera Ext 20 mg,
Katuki Ext 40 mg, Chirata Ext 30 mg, Pippali Ext 20 mg.

INDICATIONS : Acne, Vitilago, Blemishes on skin, Pimples, Boils and skin eruptions.

DOSAGE : 1-2 capsules twice daily .

PRESENTATION : 3X10 Capsules.


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