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Spearmint – Luxury Handmade Soap


Made from Organic extracts and essential oils, Deeply cleanses

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Dr Kooin Spearmint soap is processed in Organically prepared Spearmint Oil which provides the much needed moisturization to the skin and gives  a cooling effect on the skin. Spearmint gives a refreshing feel to the skin and also cools down inflammation caused due to skin blemishes.

It acts as a  skin revitalizer and makes the skin more supple, soft and beautiful. This organic Natural Soap is processed in Natural Extracts and essential oils  and is very gentle on the skin .

It nourishes, moisturises and cleanses the skin  improving the overall texture and completion of the skin.

Key Ingredients : Spearmint Oil , Glycerine , Olive Oil , Castor Oil , Coconut Oil , Essential Oil

Packing : 100 gmsGlycerine based Soap Bar


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