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Berry Blast – Luxury Handmade Soap


Made from Organic extracts and essential oils, Deeply cleanses

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Dr Kooin Berry Blast soap is processed in Organically prepared Extracts of the marvelous Berries Cranberry , Raspberry and Loganberry, Which provides the much needed moisturisation to the skin along with a beautiful appealing fragrance. It is a well known skin revitalizer and makes the skin more supple, soft and beautiful. This organic Natural Soap is processed in Natural Extracts and essential oils  and is very gentle on the skin . It nourishes, moisturises and cleanses the skin  improving the overall texture and completion of the skin.

Key Ingredients : Raspberry Extract, Cranberry Extract, Loganberry Extract, Glycerine, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oil .

Packing : 100 gms Glycerine based Soap Bar


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