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Leuorb Forte Capsules


Treats leucorrhoea & menopausal disturbances



Leuorb Forte capsules is enriched with green fig extract that provides a rich source of calcium and vitamins lost due to persistent leucorrhoea. It is specially formulated to treat specific and non specific leucorrhoea. It treats vaginal discharge with itch and smell. It normalizes vaginal microflora. It normalizes the vaginal PH and prevents recurrence of this distressful ailment. It also tones up the uterine functioning and promotes a proper and healthy vaginal status.

Each capsules contains :
Ashokchall Ext 70mg, Lodhra Ext 50mg, Supari Ext 30mg, Satavari Ext 30mg, Muktasakti Bhasam Ext 20gm, Ashwagandha Ext. 30 mg, Daruhaldi Ext. 30 mg, Chandan Ext. 30 mg, Lohbhasam Ext. 15 mg, Rasaunt Ext. 25 mg, Nagkesar Ext. 30 mg, Gokshuradi Guggal Ext. 40 mg, Manjistha Ext. 20 mg, Paanpatra Ext. 20 mg, Majuphal Ext. 20 mg, Gularchall Ext. 20 mg, Anjeer Ext. 20 mg.

Leucorrhoea and internal bleeding , Menorrhagia , Oligomenorrhoea ,Dysfunctional Ulterine bleeding , Menopausal Disturbances.

2 capsules twice / thrice daily with lukewarm milk / water .

3×10 capsules Blister .


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